Monday, April 18, 2011

Windy City Rewind.

Phew!  I am worn out from my weekend trip to Chicago.  Who knew that a couple of late nights would completely derail my Monday??  I had a good time catching up with friends, eating (my oh my eating) and of course, shopping!

One of my first shopping stops was at Lululemon.  Many of you know of my love of their workout wear.  We don't have a store here so I knew I needed to take a peek.  And I did have a legitimate mission in mind - my tennis season starts next week.  I needed to pick up a red top so my teammates and I could be perfectly coordinated.  I'm not usually a red kind of gal, but their newest color, Tango Red, is quite vibrant and will look super cute with my white tennis skirt. 

I also wanted to pay a visit to Club Monaco.  Ulgh, miss this place dearly!  Sophisticated, bohemian, urban all rolled in to one very minimalistic space.  I could have gone bananas, but bought nothing.  (I have a fear about not being able to return things if I change my mind and with no CM near me....sigh.)  Here were a few of my faves:

Ilan Trapeze Blazer.  This picture really doesn't do it justice.  Long and sleek, navy blue perfection.  A couple of the gals working had it on - one with culottes and the other with jeans and a tank.  Looked darling on both.   This is just one of those pieces that is very versatile and would get a lot of wear in my closet.

The aforementioned culottes, or in CM speak, the Grace Skort.   The cuteness of a skirt + the practical-ness of shorts.  Love it!  These looked so sweet on the sales gal.  She edged them up with a dark blazer and a long necklace. 

I topped off the weekend with sangria at Cafe 28 and brunch at an old haunt - Wishbone.    (Mmmm, cheese grits.) 

Have you recovered from your weekend yet?


  1. oh my, the cornflake crusted french toast at Wishbone is a fave of mine. YUMMMMM!Sounds like a great trip! I would move back there in a heartbeat :)

  2. Wait! I thought KC had a Lulu? Over there near town center in OP?

  3. yes, there is a Lulu in Park Place (near Town Center)