Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Necklace Love.

Doesn't my darling child have great taste?  Loving my newest necklace handpicked by him.  Style-setter in the making!

House of Harlow 1960 Pyramid Station Necklace, $75

Apparently, those hints I dropped last week provided some inspiration!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom Enough for Me.

Oh, Time.  You've got us all in a tizzy with your most recent article.  Perfect timing too - right before we are supposed to set aside all of our Mommy insecurities and celebrate the life we lead.

But here's the thing.  I'm not interested in the race you are trying to put me in.  I don't care what everyone else does - breastfeed until they're 4?  Sure!  Co-sleep?  Why not?!  These are not the choices we are making for our family, but if that is what's best for you, go ahead and wear that baby. 

I used to care.  We taught The Bug sign language and enrolled him in a music class, which he mostly slept through.  Really.  And I bought, steamed and pureed all of his baby food.  Organic of course.  I cried when The Texan would throw out less than 1 ounce of breast milk.  It was the Mommy Olympics and I wanted to win that gold.

I quickly realized that all of that didn't matter.  It was creating too much stress for me to be Mom Enough for everyone else.  So now, I'm the only Mom I worry about.  I know what is best for my child and I am confident in the decisions I make for him. 

So yesterday as millions of Moms were celebrated, I celebrated too.  Homemade donuts in the morning, an afternoon lunch with my own Mom and Grandma, and a play date in the park with friends. 

I'm Mom Enough for me and most importantly, Mom Enough for him.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gifts for Mom.

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, I am starting to drop clues to my 4-year-old about what I might want.  (Subtlety is not my forte.)  While yes, I am thankful for my handsome husband and terrific tot, it's always nice to receive a little something as thanks for my days filled with endless timeouts and reminders to "stop licking the windows." 

House of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Abalone Pendant Necklace.  I love that this would literally go with everything...so many colors to choose from.  I also have nothing like it, so it would be fun to add this to my collection.

Face Stockholm Absinthe Minded nail polish.  This is not normally a color I would choose.  But I am loving this minty neon-y shade for Spring.  Plus, it's a great conversation starter for my work life when I have an unexpected color on my nails.  I know The Bug would love "helping" me paint my nails with this color.

The other day The Texan asked me if I was "ever going to wear normal clothes again."  I pretty much live in my workout gear.  It's just easier to toss on in the morning, especially when the only plans for the day revolve around the park, playing and some sort of painting activity.  I love this bright pink 1/2 zip pullover by Lululemon.  This shade would go with all of my workout bottoms - gray, black and navy.  Even though I'm in workout wear, it's still important to coordinate, right?

What's on your Mother's Day list, Moms?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Peplum Find.

Super excited about my latest find (and hopping fully on board every possible Spring trend - print! floral! peplum!)

I loved this top the moment I saw it and immediately knew it would be mine (once it hit the sale rack.)  The granny floral print is not for everyone, but I like the "so ugly it's cute" vibe this top has going on. 

I plan to wear it year round:  white denim for now; dark denim for later.  If I am feeling crazy, I may just add a colorful shoe.  It also works with a pencil skirt or skinny cigarette pants for you office goers.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who loves this look....

What's your favorite Spring Trend?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Maddy Nash.

It's been a good week for Celebrity Sightings in Kansas City...over the weekend we had Tim Gunn hosting a Fashion Show on the Plaza and earlier in the week Giuliana Ranic was in town to host Fashion for a Cause. 

First off, she has legs a mile long.  Second, I love her clutch.  And I was super happy to discover it was made by a local Kansas City gal, Maddy Nash.

Seriously, could they be cuter?  The best part is that each bag is handmade and can be personalized exactly how you want it.  You pick the exterior fabric, interior fabric, frame color AND a Label of your choosing.  Prices range from $55-65 which is really quite a steal these days for a cute handbag.  Such a great idea for a bridal party if you ask me!

I'm a sucker for anything navy, orange and monogrammed, so that is probably the route I would take.  But really, the options are endless!

Pop on over to her Facebook page or check out the official Maddy Nash website. 

Don't you all want one?!