Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Fete.

This Friday, The Texan and I are hosting a Holiday Happy Hour.  Leave it to a man to decide to throw a party and then leave town for a week on business...needless to say it's been busy around here.

I am still working out the details of my wardrobe, but I am thinking I will definitely include these sparkly tights...

...and these sparkly shoes.  (40% off at Ann Taylor right now!)

If there's anytime for sparkles, it's the Holidays.

What's your go to Holiday outfit?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Wishes.

Today I give you my "if I could have a really spoiled Christmas this is what I want" list.  There really isn't any one thing that is ridiculously expensive, but added all together, it's a little nuts.  But hey, one can dream, right?  (Note to family:  pay attention, mmmkay?)

If you are a regular reader of the blog, then you know that I love jeans so it's no surprise that these are popping up on my list.

Rag & Bone The Skinny Jean.  Everyone raves about these so I figure it's a good time to jump on the bandwagon.  I love the mild distressed look - perfect for a cold winter's day.


Madewell Sequin Jacket.  I think the styling in this product picture is TERRIBLE.  But I love the look of a sequin jacket with a simple tee, jeans and heels.  Great for our New Year's Eve in.

Ina's new book.  I love me some Ina and surely I need this one too since I have every other book she's put out??

Kate Spade New York Black Gumdrop Earrings.  I have loved these forever.  I am not much for earrings outside of my diamond studs, but these would be an easy pair to work in to my life.

J.Crew Edie Grand in Calf Hair.  This bag is amazing.  I love the shape, the leather and of course the touch of animal print.  It's definitely a splurge at the current price ($575)  so I am hoping for a little post-Christmas sale on this one!

I am desperate need of some new kicks.  My toes are practically popping through my current pair.  I love the color choices of the Nike Free Run.  I am leaning toward red but could also go blue.  Thoughts?

Lastly, a cozy sweater.  Everyone needs one, right?  I love the ease of this Gap Studio Sweater and know it would be in heavy rotation.

What are your Christmas picks?