Monday, November 4, 2013


I have to say, the extra hour yesterday came in handy around my house.  The Texan worked on getting one of our guest rooms in order for company in a few weeks by finally replacing the gross old ceiling fan with a simple ceiling fixture

Flush mounts are not my favorite.  But due to the way the electrical was completed and the giant hole that is in the ceiling, a flush mount was the only option.  I think it looks much better and the light it gives off is great.

While he was being handy, I was mixing up my second slow cooker meal of the week.  We are normally not a slow cooker family.  The recipes usually make way too much for my family of three.  But, I've gotten pretty good at adjusting recipes down to a serving size that works for us.  And given that I worked all day yesterday, it was so nice to come home to a warm house with a meal ready to go!

Last night, we had Shredded Steak sandwiches and on Halloween, I made her Cafe Rio Chicken, which is TO DIE FOR.  We had no problem enjoying leftover tacos all weekend!  Her enchiladas are also in heavy rotation at our house - even The Bug will do them (without the sauce). 

How was your weekend?