Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's be Friends, Kate.

Kate Spade has always made great little shiny bangles in punchy colors.  But the other day, while cruising Pinterest of course, I came across her interpretation of friendship bracelets and I love them!

Cute, huh?  Prices range from $28-$48 for these "Hand in Hand" friendship bracelets.  Even better - they are made by Afghanistan women through Kate Spade's partnership with Women for Women International.  So every time you look down at your wrist, you will feel good about your purchase!

Wouldn't it be amazing to own all those Kate Spade bracelets??

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Archie Says it Best.

I have been collecting these Archie Grand Notebooks for quite some time...I started with one because it made me laugh and just kept adding as I found other hilarious (to me) ones. 

They are currently sitting in a colorful stack in my office, just waiting for me to scribble notes, big ideas or more likely, a grocery list. 

Who knew they had so many sayings to collect?  Here are a few that may need to join my Archie Grand Family.

These are actually great notebooks - 120 blank white pages bound inside a lovely, colorful hardback book.  They are useful and pretty (and look great stacked in a pile, if I say so myself!)  They also make cute gifts or conversation starters.   

Do you have any Archie Grand?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Elizabeth Banks.

Obviously, I saw the Hunger Games over the weekend.  (How could I not, after blogging about it a full 7 months before it opened!)  While I definitely liked the books better, the movie does not disappoint.

And neither does Elizabeth Banks.  Her looks during the movie's various premieres are gorgeous.  I love how she changed things up a little each time...never a dull moment. 

Atelier Versace in L.A.  (Loving the super blonde hair style here.)

Marc Jacobs in Paris.

Elie Saab in Berlin.  (The color, the mini-train.  Ahhhh!)

Finally, Bill Blass in London.  (Again with the super blonde hair.)

Don't you think she's exhausted?  But looking fabulous.

Have you seen the movie?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Since The Bug and I have been spending most of our afternoons outside, I've noticed I'm starting to get a little sunshine on my skin.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but when you are covered in freckly fair skin, I always am mindful about protection, especially on my face!

Last week, I started using my most favorite SPF moisturizer - TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer by Skin Medica.

This stuff is not cheap.  But it's a miracle worker for my skin.  I've tried switching to other, less expensive products, but I always come back home to this.  It's lightweight, but feels super hydrating and does not smell like many moisturizers that contain sunscreen do. 

Plus, it contains Skin Medica's signature TNS, which is a mixture of growth factors, cytokines and anti-oxidants - all magical ingredients that encourage the skin to rejuvenate itself.  Thus, your skin looks less wrinkly and more plump.  And I have to say - it works for me. 

Once I can afford it, I want to add their TNS Essential Serum to my daily regimen.  It's apparently the best all in one anti-aging product on the market right now. 

Are you wearing sunscreen yet?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Alex and Ani.

How cute are these Bangle Bracelets from Alex and Ani?

Of course, I am partial to the initial bangles, but the third one, the "Path of Life" is a big seller for them.  They have bangles for every theme - Animals, Birthstones, Charities, Zodiac Sign, Saints/Religious Symbols - you name it, they probably have it.

I also love their assortment of Embellished Bangles, which add just a touch of color or pattern to your Bangle Bracelets from above. 

Then throw them on all together for the ultimate arm party.

I love how you can really create a different look for yourself based on how many bangles you have.  There are some serious collectors out there - it's inspiring to see how they put it all together!  I'm hoping to start small and keep it simple - a couple of initials, maybe a turquoise embellished for the summer season and perhaps the Cross or Feather to keep it interesting.

Even better with how they look?  They are made using eco-friendly recycled materials right here in the USA. 

Each single bracelet is around $25, some more, some less, but it's a really fun and personalized way to add a little interest to your arm.  I also think these make a great gift - birthday, hostess, or for just being friends!

You can purchase online through Alex and Ani or see in person at select Nordstrom.

Anyone else have Alex & Ani?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rhea Lana.

I am getting so excited for next week because it's time for the semi-annual Rhea Lana consignment event!

Moms from all over the Kansas City area clean out their closets and toy containers in order to provide high quality, gently used clothing and toys during this week long event.  The doors open and shoppers begin sifting through the merchandise to find the perfect Spring and Summer items for their children. 

Items at the event sell for about 30% of retail.  So this means what I paid $24.50 at Gap Kids, you can buy for $7.35.  The consignor then earns 70% of what the item sells for, so in this case, $5.14.  Not only does the previous owner of the item earn a little cash, the new owner walks away with a gently used item at an excellent price.  Win win!

It will be my first time participating as a consignor and I am looking forward to what will hopefully be a very big check coming my way.  (Last year, a friend of mine earned $800 during one of their sales!)  Plus, I'm excited that some of The Bug's clothes will get a second life.  There will be one snazzy dresser out there after next week!

So, if anyone is in need of high quality gently used kids clothing at amazing prices, I highly recommend checking out the event next week:  March 27-31 at the Prairie Village Shopping Center (inside the former Macy's Home Store space).   

For more info on Rhea Lana, visit here

Anyone else participating in the sale?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Boy Sunnies.

I cannot handle the cuteness of these baby boy sunglasses.  Meant to look just like dad's, they are perfect for my little guy who is uber-sensitive to the sun. 

Gap Kids Retro Sunglasses

And priced at $9.95 (minus the 25% discount Gap ran over the weekend), I won't feel so terrible should he toss them out the window as we roll to preschool drop off. 

These a little too hipster for you?  Here are some other favorites...

Old Navy Boys Embellished Sunglasses, $5.94

Gymboree Rectangular Sunglasses, $5.75

Gymboree Classic Sunglasses, $5.75

Do your little ones like sunglasses?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Saint James Stripe.

We all know how much I love a stripe (as evidenced here, here and here). 

One of my favorite things about a stripe is their versatility - tuck it in to a black pencil skirt, throw it on with cut off jean shorts or wear it simply with skinny jeans.  It really is a staple piece that everyone needs in their closet. 

My favorite recent discovery is something quite old - the Saint James striped sailor shirt.  Founded in 1889 in Normandy in the commune of Saint James lies the company headquarters where they make these lightweight cotton staples.  That little navy Saint James tag on the arm is a classic in France and what every American Girl needs in her spring wardrobe.

While they come in a variety of colors and styles, my personal favorite is the "Minquiers III" which has a slightly slimmer more feminine cut than their original classic.  You will feel like the ultimate Francophile sporting one of these!

Do you have a Saint James tee? 

Friday, March 16, 2012


Say goodbye to the orangey red lip and hello to a hot pink lip.  Can you pull it off?

I'm lucky to work in an environment where almost any color on your lips goes (my manager is known for her signature red lip), so I'm kind of curious to try it.  But, I do have a bag full of lipsticks to "try" and I always go back to my tried and true.

I love how it looks on Alexis - the rest of her face is super simple and the lips say it all.  My coloring is somewhat similar to hers (fair, freckly, blue eyes) - can I pull this off?

Nars "Schiap" is the color of choice among celebs and bloggers.  It's described as a shocking matte pink. 

Shocking and matte are two words I don't usually go for with a lip color.  Anyone try it?  Do you have another favorite pink I should know about?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trail Mix.

I cannot get enough of trail mix lately.

It all started with Whole Food's blueberry, almond and granola mixture, which I top on my daily serving of plain Greek yogurt.  It comes in a small container and contains lots of healthy sounding things like oats, almonds, blueberries, oat bran and honey.  It's the perfect sweet, crunchy topping and it also makes a tasty afternoon snack all by itself. 

Since I don't make it to Whole Foods very often, I've discovered...

Archer Farms Chocolate, Peanuts and Banana Trail Mix. Insanely delicious.  Chocolate covered peanuts, sweetened banana chips, cashews, walnuts, dried cherries and pineapple.  This has become my go-to snack.  While it might not be 100% nutritious (it does contain chocolate after all), it's a huge step up from an afternoon snacking on juice boxes and graham cracker crumbs.  And since it's brought to us by our friends at Target, it's something I can easily pick up during my weekly (errr, daily) run. 

What's your go to snack?