Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Goodies.

I know I've posted about my Loft Love before...but I just had to share the two new items I snatched up over the weekend (using the 20% off coupon I received in the mail, of course!)  I'm ready for Spring and with the extra savings I had, I couldn't resist.

I love a stripe and can't wait to wear this.  It's one of those wear now, wear later pieces.  Now with a dark cardigan or blazer and later with...

This much-more-adorable in person (and fits me way better than it fits this model!) hot pink cardigan.  I have a lot of navy and gray in my wardrobe so this will be the perfect pop of color my neutrals need.

One thing I love about the Loft's version of "silk" is that it's actually rayon.  I know all the fabric snobs out there will dismiss this, but I find it to be much more wearable in my Mom Life.  Sticky hands leave a stain?  No problem!  I can wash it.  I also like that it feels dressed up, without really being dressed up. 

Have you started shopping for Spring?  Any must haves I should know about?

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