Monday, January 16, 2012

Globes Girls.

I gotta hand it to you celebs, a lot of you stepped out of your style stereotypes and brought something new to last night's red carpet.  I'm talking to you Tina Fey, Nicole Kidman. 

While it seemed to be a big night for flesh toned gowns, I always love a little color on the carpet.

Just a few of my faves.  Do you agree?

Bombshell Reese.  It's too bad I am picturing that terrible tatt...

Heidi Klum wearing my new statement necklace lust...

Love Claire Danes, love the simplistic, but fabulous dress, and as you know, love Homeland...

I enjoy when a relative newcomer has a fashion moment.  Although I kept wanting to pull up the top of Shailene's dress, this was beautiful...I feel like it was probably more beautiful in person.

Who were your faves?


  1. I LOVED that dress of Claire Danes, but no one super-wowed me last night. Sads. Pop on over to see my own recap if ya want, lady!