Monday, April 30, 2012

Elle Earrings.

Soooo excited that Kendra Scott finally came out with a smaller version of her much loved Danielle earrings...the Elle!

Half the size and half the weight - still an amazing earring.  I tried these on the other day and they really are a great size - big enough to be noticed, not so big to be a special occasion piece only. 

I have also heard that the original design was heavy and hard to wear for long periods of time.  Hopefully, this daintier version will be more used friendly.

I especially love the Turquoise and Salmon for summer, but thinking the White Mother of Pearl would be a great every day piece.  I am hoping these might magically appear on Mother's Day!  (Hint:  you can get them at Nordstrom.)

Do you have any Kendra Scott?

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have a thing for dishes - old, new, dinner plates, serving pieces, etc.  If it's anything I can eat on, you can pretty much bet that I want it.  We even use "fancy china" as our everyday dishes.  

So it's no surprise that once I saw these Vegetabowls on Etsy, I wanted a set.

Set of 4 Orange Bowls, $72

Cantaloupe Bowl, $22

Set of 6 Grapefruit Bowls, $120

Set of 4 Coconut Bowls, $64

Set of 2 Acorn Squash Bowls, $36

So cute and quirky, right?  The artist makes these earthenware bowls from actual pieces of fruits and vegetables that she casts from produce from her local farmers market.  A true definition of "farm to table" don't you think?  She can also do custom orders if are you just dying for a kiwi-inspired piece!

Loving those teeny tiny orange bowls...perfect for an afternoon snack.  Pick up your favorite fruit or veggie here

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Deep in the Heart.

I'm back from my second home...Texas. 

The in-laws live way out in the country so when we head down for a visit, we are off the grid.  It means no blogging, no blog reading (the horror!) and no daily dose of gossip.

But it does mean enjoying the simple things in life.  Skipping down Nana's path...

Digging for dinosaurs (aka cow bones)...

And enjoying the best BLT I've had in a long time....BLTG (Texas goat cheese, honey infused bacon, arugula and basil on toasted sourdough bread with sundried tomato aioli.)  De-lish.

Texas Forever.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Rewind.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter....ours was filled with food, family and fashion. 

The food part was amazing enough to pass along here.  If you haven't made these potatoes, do so right away.  So delicious, so easy (besides the peeling and slicing) and so addicting I had more than one serving.

It's a recipe that I made years ago, but had forgotten about.  I'm glad I re-discovered the yumminess. 

The family and fashion can be summed up here.  How darling does my little guy look in his plaid pants?  He will sport those again this week at his pre-school's Spring Tea.  I think it's fun getting the little ones dressed up for Easter - even if a tucked in shirt only lasted 30 minutes. 

Crewcuts Pants, $19.99 in store.

He had a great time hunting eggs with us, reading books with his Nan and enjoying a family dinner around the "fancy table."

Hope your day was just as special.