Monday, April 30, 2012

Elle Earrings.

Soooo excited that Kendra Scott finally came out with a smaller version of her much loved Danielle earrings...the Elle!

Half the size and half the weight - still an amazing earring.  I tried these on the other day and they really are a great size - big enough to be noticed, not so big to be a special occasion piece only. 

I have also heard that the original design was heavy and hard to wear for long periods of time.  Hopefully, this daintier version will be more used friendly.

I especially love the Turquoise and Salmon for summer, but thinking the White Mother of Pearl would be a great every day piece.  I am hoping these might magically appear on Mother's Day!  (Hint:  you can get them at Nordstrom.)

Do you have any Kendra Scott?

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