Meet Me

The only child in a quintessential Midwestern family, I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri before moving to Columbia to pursue a Journalism degree at the famed Mizzou School of Journalism.  I threw the degree out the window upon graduating, packed my bags and moved to Chicago (well, I flew and my kind parents drove a moving van with all of my stuff…)  After dabbling in advertising, I secured my spot as a wanna–be foodie by working for several local restaurant groups where I discovered my taste for all things yummy and the love of a big city.  Fast forward 5 years where I met my Husband (aka The Texan), fell in love and married.   We are currently back in my hometown (aka Perfect Village), raising the cutest toddler in the world (aka The Bug).
I grew up where Saturdays were spent shopping with my mother (aka The Lady) – a retired elementary school teacher slash Best Grandmother in the World.  The Lady and I still spend time shopping and discovering new things –  food, fashion or finds – to be obsessed about.
Besides raising The Bug and taking care of The Texan, I love a good recipe, an everyday glass of chardonnay and a striped t-shirt.   I also moonlight at a popular retail chain where I fuel my obsession of striped t-shirts, skinny jeans and statement necklaces.