Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Drab to Fab.

You can imagine The Texan's surprise when I came home a few months ago with the "perfect" chair for our bedroom and hauled this thing inside.  (Excuse the phone picture.)

He was less than thrilled about this sitting in our house (and ultimately in our garage for more than a month).  Did I mention it was also on the verge of falling apart? 

A bit of research (and Pinning!) later, this is what I picked up from the upholstery shop over the weekend.

Hello gorgeous!

Nothing a little high gloss black paint, some amazing fabric and a talented upholstery guy can't fix.  I love having this beauty in my master bedroom - the perfect pop of color it needed.

Hmmm, what should my next project be?

PS - the fabric is Covington Fabric & Design's "Wesley 232 Palm" purchased at Nell Hills.  Amazing fabric room if you are in the market!