Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rhea Lana.

I am getting so excited for next week because it's time for the semi-annual Rhea Lana consignment event!

Moms from all over the Kansas City area clean out their closets and toy containers in order to provide high quality, gently used clothing and toys during this week long event.  The doors open and shoppers begin sifting through the merchandise to find the perfect Spring and Summer items for their children. 

Items at the event sell for about 30% of retail.  So this means what I paid $24.50 at Gap Kids, you can buy for $7.35.  The consignor then earns 70% of what the item sells for, so in this case, $5.14.  Not only does the previous owner of the item earn a little cash, the new owner walks away with a gently used item at an excellent price.  Win win!

It will be my first time participating as a consignor and I am looking forward to what will hopefully be a very big check coming my way.  (Last year, a friend of mine earned $800 during one of their sales!)  Plus, I'm excited that some of The Bug's clothes will get a second life.  There will be one snazzy dresser out there after next week!

So, if anyone is in need of high quality gently used kids clothing at amazing prices, I highly recommend checking out the event next week:  March 27-31 at the Prairie Village Shopping Center (inside the former Macy's Home Store space).   

For more info on Rhea Lana, visit here

Anyone else participating in the sale?

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