Monday, March 5, 2012

Native Shoes.

With Spring Break next week, Spring Fever has definitely hit our household.  And with that comes a new pair of shoes for The Bug.  It seems he outgrows his current pair right about the time that the seasons change. 

I'm not a shoe person with him.  He wears the one pair I buy him until they have holes...literally.

While it's probably too early to break out the Crocs (Frankly, I hate them and am trying to NOT buy a pair this year.), I came across these Croc-like shoes a few weeks back and think they might be a better option. 

Native "Miller" Shoe.  Look like tennis shoes, made from EVA - which is a really fancy plastic.  They are "naturally waterproof, antibacterial, shock absorbent and best of all, incredibly light and comfortable."   All great things for little, sweaty feet.  I think they are pretty cool looking and these might actually stay on your child's foot (unlike those Crocs...)

There are several other styles of shoe, including "Howard" which looks like a boat shoe - too cute!

They come in lots of amazing, trendy colors, but of course I like the navy best - it goes with everything!  They are very reasonable too - $29.99 and can be purchased at Native Shoes or in person at select Nordstrom.

Have you seen these?  What are your favorite shoes for your child?

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  1. we have these, they are great! Griffins feet get pretty grubby in them (as they did with crocs) but they don't fall off, and griffin doesn't trip (as he did in crocs). and they're MUCH more stylish. we have both red and blue!!