Friday, March 16, 2012


Say goodbye to the orangey red lip and hello to a hot pink lip.  Can you pull it off?

I'm lucky to work in an environment where almost any color on your lips goes (my manager is known for her signature red lip), so I'm kind of curious to try it.  But, I do have a bag full of lipsticks to "try" and I always go back to my tried and true.

I love how it looks on Alexis - the rest of her face is super simple and the lips say it all.  My coloring is somewhat similar to hers (fair, freckly, blue eyes) - can I pull this off?

Nars "Schiap" is the color of choice among celebs and bloggers.  It's described as a shocking matte pink. 

Shocking and matte are two words I don't usually go for with a lip color.  Anyone try it?  Do you have another favorite pink I should know about?


  1. I'm obsessed with gal from atlantic-pacific and this is her color.... Might try!

  2. Love this one in "Cheeky" #835. If you put it on and let it "sit" for about 15 minutes, it lasts all day! I don't usually do pinks, but this one works!