Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For the Love of Grapefruit.

We've discussed my love affair with candy before.  I thought I was cured for a while (the downward spiral between Halloween and Christmas usually does it to me) but then I discovered a new little gem just down the street from me. 


It's mostly specialty nuts, trail mix and chocolate covered confections, but they have a small section dedicated to all things gummy - butterflies, frogs, letters and of course, bears.  But they also have a tasty treat I had never tried before...Pink Grapefruit Slices!

Slightly sour (like a grapefruit), mostly sweet, these are a little slice of summer in your mouth.  I bought sparingly (1/4 pound) and have only eaten a wee handful today.  But my mouth literally waters when I think of them. 

They also come in White Grapefruit, but I find these to be not quite sweet enough.  (Obviously, I've done a taste test!)

Anyone else love my new favorite treat?

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