Sunday, August 21, 2011


If you're looking for me these days, my nose is buried in my latest reading obsession - The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. 

I picked up the first book last week and finished it in 2 days.  It's absolutely addicting.  And the way it's written makes the story feel very, very real.  So real that I found my palms started to sweat during the scary parts!

The whole premise of the series is mildly disturbing - local children are chosen to participate in an annual event known as The Hunger Games where the only way to "win" is to stay alive.  They literally battle it out to the death.  If you can get past this (I just chose not to think about it too seriously and focus on the characters), it's an amazing story.

I picked up the second part today and already have the third and final checked out from the library.  Knowing me, I will finish both this week!

Which is great timing since the movie based on the books comes out March 2012. 

Have you read the series?

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