Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anniversary Sale.

As much as I am ready for Fall, I have a hard time buying things right now.  I'm one of those who wants to wear whatever I get right when I get it.  So when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale rolls around, I know I SHOULD buy because of the great prices, but don't usually get as excited about it as everyone else does.

I've discovered that my one exception is The Bug.  Those of you with kiddos know that every year/season, you have to buy an entire wardrobe for your child.  What fit them last Fall won't fit this Fall.  And shoes.  Geesh.  New shoes every few months.   So when he's getting a makeover every season, you can bet I'm buying when the deals are hot.

I ADORE these.  Classic suede boot with fun laces.  He loves them too and has been wearing these around the house with shorts, which is a look.  $29.95 during the sale; $59.95 after.   Would have NEVER bought these full price.

Adidas Samba Sneaker.  I'm a little on the fence about these (a little too hipster), but for whatever reason, The Bug liked them.  He was drawn to them the second we walked in and even tried to put the display shoe on.  I am slightly nervous that we are entering shoelace territory, but guess he's got to learn sometime.

I'm always disappointed with the amount of Mini Boden Nordstrom carries in the store, particularly for boys.  Here's what I would have gotten had they been able to find it for me at the sale price.

Love me a stripe.  And their thermals are fantastic.  Great quality, keep their shape, color stays nice and saturated.

A new hoodie is a must.  The Bug doesn't really love bulky jackets (and who would if you are sitting in a car seat?), so a cute jacket is something we get tons of use out of.  I may have to bite the bullet and order this as we are heading to cooler weather shortly and he's going to need one.

What did you pick up during the Anniversary Sale?

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