Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friendship Bracelet.

Popped in to my salon today for a quick visit and while there came across these ADORABLE bracelets.  They remind me of the friendship bracelets I used to wear in middle school, but jazzed up a bit.

This picture does not do the cuteness justice.  They come in a variety of colors and are made of cord and metal chain braided together finished with a little chain fringe.  Way cuter than anything I ever made.

I was initially drawn to the more neutral ones - grays, creams, etc.  But I got so overwhelmed with all the choices, I had to leave.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about them since.  So, looks like I will making a visit back tomorrow to pick one up.

You can buy them online at for $13.50 or locally at Bijin Salon & Spa for $9.25 (6960 Mission Lane, Prairie Village, KS).  Seriously adorable.

Anyone else bringing the friendship bracelet back?


  1. I am bringing them back!! last weekend I went to Michael's and bought the thread then on Sunday me and the kiddos spent hours making bracelets. My hubby just rolls his eyes because I literally have about 5 bracelets that have been started but not yet finished, taped to various counter tops throughout my house

  2. I am loving them, but haven't picked any up yet. Those are seriously cute.


  3. They're sold out! Convinced your followers dashed to the site in droves.