Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cute, cute Clementine.

The Bug and I were at Target yesterday searching and searching for some fun indoor activities.  The heat is seriously impacting our fun schedule.  While browsing the art aisle, I came across Clementine Art supplies.

I'll be honest.  I spotted this due to the adorable packaging.  I made a note of it, came home and did a little research.  Seems maybe I should be concerned about what exactly is in my shall-not-be-named crayons, markers and glue sticks currently living in our art box. 

The story goes that an art teacher from Boulder, CO, noticed how messy art projects were - in the kiddos hair, hands and even their mouths!  She wondered what exactly "non-toxic" meant.  Once she found out, set set out to create her own line of natural art products using ingredients from her kitchen (flour, water, etc.)  And voila!  Clementine Art was born. 

We are up to our ears in art supplies, but when the day comes to replace everything, Clementine Art will be my first choice.  Would also make really adorable gifts - maybe packaged in a wooden crate like real clementines are?

Have you seen Clementine Art?


  1. Yes we have the clay and crayons. Love em! And the clay smells so good!!!

  2. These are on The Mini Social today!