Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love for Lulu.

So, speaking of swimsuit season, it should be known that I am a bit of a workout fiend.  I do a crazy bootcamp a few times a week and play tennis a couple of times too.  It's the only way I have found I can eat all the junk I want and still be in decent shape.  Since I spend so much time in workout gear, I figure it needs to be cute! 

I discovered Lululemon many years ago when living in Chicago, but only recently did they open a Showroom in Kansas City.  It's not a full size store - more of a sample of their most popular items - so I suggest visiting the Showroom to determine your sizing and then ordering your gear online (or picking it up there if they happen to have it!)  It's free shipping all the time, so there's always an excuse to add a little something to your cart. 

Here are just a few of many (many) faves:

Groove Pant.  Best workout pant ev-ah.  Seriously, it's well worth the money.  They are definitely an investment at $98, but never have I owned a pant that holds up so well over many wears, maintains its shape and color and most importantly, keeps the sweat off of you.  This is a big one for me.  I despise having sweaty clothes after a workout because I am usually running to some mommy-child activity (library storytime, playdate, etc. - who wants to be near the sweaty mom?!)  I have tried many other brands (Gap Body, Lucy, even Target) and these are by far the best.  They come in black or gray and have lots of colorful waistband options to choose from.  

Lulu has lots of cute, supportive tops.  I have a few and I really adore their Coal Strata Stripe pattern featured in the above Speed Up Tank.  I think it's a great change of pace from a solid workout top and I like that it's still a neutral that will pair nicely with any color bottom. 

Complete your workout ensemble with one of their fabulous jackets.  I own this one - the Stride II Jacket.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but it has a very chic collar that I like to wear flipped up.  I also like this jacket because it's long and covers all the parts you want covered when wearing tight workout bottoms.  

For a great blog all about Lululemon, visit Lulu Addict. Girl knows her Lulu. 

Looking for a great workout to show off all your new goodies?  Go see Crystal at Woodside.  She's available for weekly abuse. 

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