Monday, March 21, 2011

The Texan.

This is The Texan. 

We met about eight years ago on a very cold, snowy night in Chicago.  He says he was impressed I ordered a beer - but apparently not impressed enough to call me right away after our first date.  A few months after our first meeting, we were officially dating and a few months after that, we were engaged.  He's a great hubs, an amazing daddy and I'm lucky to have him. 

He was a big fan of me starting this blog and over the past few weeks has been helping me scout out new obsessions.  He's gotten so good at helping me, he wanted to share his obsessions with you.  So here we go...

Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  Seriously, the best ice cream ever.  Made the old-fashioned way (milk, cream, sugar - mmmm) at a creamery in Brenham, Texas, just a few miles down the road where The Texan's parents live.  One can't get Chocolate Chip year round as it's so special, but March (and September) are the months you can find it in Kansas City.  We buy several every week so a bowl is always available.  (Full disclosure:  eating a bowl as I work on this blog entry.)

Pegas Beer.  Brewed in the basement of a hotel in the Czech Republic, The Texan discovered this beer during a beer tour with his dad a few years back.  It's currently the largest small brewery in the Czech Republic, but not large enough to be found anywhere in the States.  Anywhere.  It is an obsession of his to find it and drink as much of it as he can get his hands on.

Overcoats.  This is a wee bit odd, but The Texan likes to look dapper.  He's recently employed the help of a personal shopper and suddenly the man is wearing pocket squares and purple shirts.  I LOVE IT.  It's a vast improvement from where he started eight years ago.  We watched The Switch a few weekends ago and he has been talking about the overcoat that Jason Bateman wore ever since.  Looks like that will be the next addition to his ever-growing wardrobe. 

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