Thursday, March 24, 2011

Local Love 2.

It's time for another installment of Local Love and today I'm featuring my favorite pick-me-up - The Roasterie Air-Roasted Coffee.  The Roasterie was founded in a Brookside basement in 1993 and has become one of the most renowned specialty coffee makers in the nation.

What makes their coffee so special?  Well, one, it doesn't taste burnt like some other brand that shall remain nameless.  This is mostly because like the name implies, they air-roast their coffee using a convection roaster (instead of the more traditional drum-roasting method.)  And two, there is just something special about drinking something that is so tied-in to your local community. 

They offer a large variety of blends, many of them named after (and offered in) some of Kansas City's most loved restaurants.  (Blue Bird Bistro Blend, American Restaurant Blend, etc.)  If I had to choose, my favorite is the Classic Cup Blend - it's the perfectly perfect cup of coffee at any time of day.

I also especially love their Never Summer Blend.  One of my favorite drinks is an iced coffee and I've discovered that most places don't do it right.  It's not as simple as pouring room temperature coffee over ice.  Not only does the ice melt, but the melted ice also masks the flavor of the coffee.  Not a good combo.  The Never Summer Blend is made for drinking cold and in fact, tastes better cold.

The Roasterie has 2 locations in KC - Brookside and Leawood. 

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