Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lady of Lyrics.

This is mildly embarrassing to admit, but I'm a bit of a rap aficionado.  The other night The Texan and I had a friendly competition to see who could name more Jay-Z songs.  His only contribution was New York State of Mind - of course he can name the most recent song!  Last week, I was saddened to hear that Nate Dogg died and spent most of the day listening to Regulate.  (Mount up!)  And the most intriguing commercial for me during this year's Super Bowl was the Chrysler commercial featuring Eminem.  (It was two minutes long - unheard of!)

I don't really remember when the obsession started, but it definitely peaked in college.  Seemed I had a natural talent for figuring out lyrics when no one else could.  In fact, the title of this post was a nickname my besties had for me college.  I also had a natural talent for showcasing those lyrics, especially after a few bevies at our favorite bar.  I'm sure there are embarassing pictures to illustrate my point. 

So, back in the Fall when I found out Jay-Z was releasing his book (and waaaay before that darn Oprah decided to make it her Favorite Thing), I was super psyched.  I love biographies, I love rap.  Clearly this book, read by actual adults and available at my library, would legitimize my relish of rap.

It doesn't disappoint.  It's an homage to hip-hop, but it's also a fascinating look inside Jay's life, his upbringing in the hip-hop community, the business of rap and a place for all of you who can't figure them out, his lyrics.

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