Monday, March 28, 2011

The Bug.

This is The Bug.

After my wildly popular "This is The Texan" post, The Bug became green with envy and announced that he, too, had obsessions.  Things he couldn't live without, the must-haves for every 3-year-old.  So, it's his turn to shine.  Here we go....

The Bug has loved puzzles from the second he entered the world.  Problem is, he does them once or twice and then he wants a new one.  In order to challenge him a little, I found this 3-D puzzle at our favorite local toy store.  It was very tough for him to figure out that the pieces fit together dimensionally, instead of flat, but once he did, he loved it.  I love that the pieces are bright, colorful and well-made.  He builds the animals, lines them up and pretend plays with them.  He's also discovered that he can mix and match pieces.  Moose ears on an elephant?  Ha-larious to a toddler.  Keeping my eyes open for more of these fantastic puzzles.

We play "school" alot around our house, and mazes are proving to be a very popular subject.  These books, by Kumon, are great for little hands.  We have worked our way through all their My First Book of Mazes options and moved on to My First Book of Cutting and My First Book of Tracing.  According to The Lady, these will help him when it comes time to start writing and reading - fun times while learning?  WINNING!  I have found these at Target and Barnes & Noble. 

The Bug LOVES a soft, comfortable, pull-on pant.  "Cozy pants" he calls them.  The second we get home from anywhere, he's off to find his cozy pants and slip them on.  Now that the weather is getting warmer, he's going to need "cozy shorts" and these ones from Gymboree (soft French terry cotton in a punchy color) will fit the bill.  

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  1. ok-you need to get him Working Trucks by valtech-they have it at Learning Tree. It's all magnetic pieces and you can put together like 30 different truck and car combinations. Our son loves them!