Thursday, March 3, 2011

Planning in Style.

As much as I have embraced technology - this blog, an Ipad, online bill paying - I am still old fashioned about one thing in my life - my daily schedule. There is something lovely about a day planner in which all of the day's activities are neatly noted (in pencil, of course). My current planner is the traditional Franklin Covey. It's not stylish or attractive, but it keeps my appointments organized and my sanity in check.

But for years, I have always wanted a Desk Diary from Graphic Image. I adore their Brights Collection, especially the orange, and add a monogram? Yes, please! I also think these would look adorable stacked on a shelf - years of planning at your fingertips!

Normally, a hefty price to pay to keep organized, but they are currently on promo for 50% off. Get em while you can.
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  1. Oh lucky me, I am the first EVER to post a comment! I am already declaring myself 'apparently obsessed' with your blog and your blog design. Fabulous! Congrats Sarah, can't wait to hear what you have to say. xo

  2. I was lucky enough to receive a Desk Diary from Graphic Image (via J. Crew) two years ago. Using it was fabulous. It came in a beautiful persimmon color. It was a Weekly/Monthly version. I hope they come out with a Daily Desk. Do you have any info about when 2012 will be available?