Friday, March 25, 2011

Season for Skirts.

I hate shorts.  I hate the way they look on me, hate that my skin gets stuck together when wearing them (TMI?), hate that most are either too short or too mommy-looking.  Therefore, I have declared Spring 2011 the Year of the Skirt! 

Skirts are a practical option - they are easy to pull on, keep you nice and cool and give you the appearance of trying just a little bit before stepping out of the house. 

Here are my picks...

Urban Outfitters Kimchi Paperbag Skirt.  A paperbag waist is super fun and the color is spot on for spring.  But Urban.  Sigh.  Your windows are always cute, but your stores are over-stocked and confusing.  I do best browsing online and then heading to the store to search specifically for my item. 

At the mall the other day, I noticed how CUTE the mannequins at The Limited were.  I honestly don't think I've stepped inside a Limited since the mid-90's, but checking out their website, it seems an update has taken place.  This cotton-spandex striped skirt screams spring to me and just might be the next addition to my skirt rotation.

J. Crew Dorrie Skirt in Chambray.  I own this.  I know, I know, stonewash denim.  But it is the softest, lightest material ever and is super flattering on everybody (cuter than the model, I think).  I love it with a white Vintage V-neck, Forever Cardi and Mesh Necklace.   It also comes in four other colors (white, red, blue and khaki) for those who can't re-embrace the 80's.

J. Crew overload, but they really do have a lot of great options.  Like this Eyelet Mini.  Short enough to be mini, but not too short for those of us our of our 20's.  (Ahem.) Perfect for a sunny afternoon outside.  The faded gray is a great neutral that would blend in well with the rest of your closet.  I love this with a stripe on top.

Think you can prove me wrong?  Show me shorts that will make me convert....

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  1. Ok I must get the eyelet mini. Don't know how I missed that one! And TOTALLY agree with you on Urban. I get inspired by the windows and then walk in and get frustrated within the minute. Must find you at JCREW one more time before departure to add that grey number to the wardrobe!! Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!!