Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crystal Renn Represents.

It's Spring Break for most of us here in Kansas City and that means one thing - swimsuit season is just around the corner.  Yikes!  Recently, I was on the hunt for a new mom-friendly swimsuit for my fam's annual trip to Mexico.  While browsing all the options, I came across this gorgy image of "plus-sized" model Crystal Renn. 

Seriously, plus-sized?  According to her stats, she's a size 8, which does not equate to plus-sized in my book.  I think she looks ah-mazing!

Now, apparently these images (featured in the March J. Crew catalog) aren't without controversy.  Crystal once weighed 95 pounds getting there through starvation and constant exercise.  Told she STILL wasn't thin enough to model, she told the community forget you, started eating and found fame as a plus-sized model (meaning size 12+).  She also wrote a book, "Hungry", which really catapulted her into the limelight and the face of plus-sized models everywhere. 

The controversy comes in because now she seems to be shrinking (which may explain why she looks perfectly normal in the pics above).  Apparently she's added exercise back to her life and it has caused her to lose a few sizes and a few fans.   Many feel she took advantage and found success by being plus-sized and now getting media attention again through her weight loss.  

To me, it seems she's gone from plus-sized (according to the modeling world) to average-sized and if it's getting media attention, great.  We need more models representing the average American woman.  It's great to see a model, in a swimsuit, look relatable in a catalog shot.  It just might sell more suits! 

Perhaps the modeling industry needs to take notice of Crystal.  Again.  Seems she blazed the trail for plus-sized models and now perhaps, doing it for average-sized models.

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  1. I love Crystal Renn. Great post. And what cute suits too!!!! My 'Mom' suit needs to be retired......need a fresh one for this summer.