Wednesday, April 20, 2011


As I've written about before, we are in the never-ending process of decorating our house.  I paid a visit to my favorite decorating store last week and I think the empty room on the front of the house currently serving as The Bug's playroom is well on its way to becoming a fabulous female-friendly library.  

Decorating this room prompted The Texan to ask, "Where will all the toys go?"  Hmmmm...well...I don't know.  This sparked an idea.  What if we turned the second guest room upstairs into an official playroom for The Bug?  (It is sitting empty right now.)  I love the idea of consolidating all the kiddie stuff into one space.  And I especially love the idea of a kids library, considering all of his books are currently housed in cloth storage from Target.  Take a look...

Beyond obsessed with this library wall after my BFF posted it on her Pinterest.  I'm not sure I would go all the way to the ceiling with the shelves, but I think it's definitely doable in my space and considering I know a great handyman, think I could get it done on the cheap.

Another library.  Perfect interpretation for a smaller space.  Would look so sweet with a child-sized chair tucked in the corner.

Loving the chalkboard wall clings from Land of Nod hung in multiples.  The Bug loves to play with chalk and this would be an easy way to add an outdoor activity, inside.

Anyone have an official playroom in their house?  Mistake to convert a guest room in to a playspot?

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  1. I miss having an upstairs playroom; especially one that can hold all of their toys, books and a slide. I say go for it - there are plenty of design inspirations that incorporate a daybed for guests.

  2. I Love the striped ceiling in the 1st picture. my girlfriend just did her son's nursery ceiling in yellow and white stripes and then navy walls. it was SO NEAT! obsessed with stripes. and i also have the hot pink version of the tee i put on my blog today. too funny. we are soul mates. hahahaha...

  3. I LOVE the library wall! Instant usable art and great pops of color! Very cool.

    Meggy from Chasing Davies