Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mom Suit.

All the gals at the gym this morning were already talking about summer.  As in what pool they will go to, what their kids will do at the pool, what pool toys they are getting, etc.  This makes me sweat in anticipation of WHAT WILL I WEAR TO THE POOL? 

It's the ongoing debate - one piece or two?  I like a one piece - it makes playing with your child easy and you don't risk over expsoing yourself.  But they can be a bit...mommy-ish.  A two piece seems more age appropriate.  But a two piece is tricky - The Bug pulls the top down, the bottoms ride up, I accidentally flash the life guard.  Sigh. 

Here are few picks that meet my definition of a mom-friendly suit.

I have to say, Anthropologie has a lot of great suits this year.  Like this one by Saha.  A wider halter strap, lots of coverage on the bottoms and a gorgeous purple color. 

How ah-dorable is this striped Old Navy suit??  I love the style of the bodice and the keyhole for a bit of sexy...and at $29.50?  I'll take two please.

Loving both of these options from Boden.  Even the name is perfect - The Chic Swimsuit and The Chic Bikini.  I like the draping on the top and again, a little more coverage on the bottom.  Comes in four fun colors - black, iris, lagoon, poppy.  (Poppy and Lagoon shown above.)  If you haven't already done so, check out Mini Boden for your toddlers - kid-friendly prints, saturated colors, high quality.

Moms - what do you wear to the pool?

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  1. I've never owned a one-piece but am on the hunt for one so I can be more appropriate in the tater tot's swim lessons. I'm in love with this one:

    But not really wanting to spend almost $200 on a suit. Have you seen anything similar with a nicer price tag?

  2. Actually, yes. J Crew is a good source for cute stripe, deep v, retro leg. Check out: Cape Stripe Tank and Ticker Stripe Halter. Their Ruched Femme Tank is very, very flattering, but not the stripe of the Jets suit. Also, Macy's Tommy Hilfiger: Piece%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D63. That's a hard suit to knock off! S