Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ladies.  Enough with the low rise jeans.  Don't you realize that you are flashing the world when you bend down to pick up your bag, tie your child's shoe or simply sit in a chair??  It boggles my mind that people would find showing everyone your business acceptable.    Time to invest in a higher-rise jeans my friends.  And these are my faves:

11" Ankle Skinny (Shopbop)

812 Mid-Rise Pencil Leg (J Brand Website)

J Brand.  Can't get enough.  I own the two pairs featured above and L.O.V.E. them.  Live in them.  The thing that makes these jeans work for my lifestyle is the higher rise.  (Not high rise, although I am a fan of those too.)  These have a 8.5" rise (their other jeans have an 8" or lower rise - that 1/2" makes a big difference!)

These jeans stay up, keep everything covered up and are super stretchy and comfy.  With a higher rise, they help smash in that little extra that sometimes falls over the top of your jeans - I know you have it. 

I love this line so much, I am hustling over to Anthropologie later today to pick up what I hope will be my go-to summer pair.  (Since, remember, I don't like shorts.) 

Ankle Skinny (Anthropologie)

Cute for warmer weather, right?!

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  1. blegh, I hate short too! Thanks for the info :)

  2. OMG love the ankle skinny! Must know how they fit! Miss you!!!