Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Royal Wedding.

All this royal wedding mumbo jumbo has got me thinking about my own wedding almost 6 years ago.  Held here in Kansas City on possibly the hottest day ever I got to marry The Texan and begin our ever after.

No royalty was in attendance and no one was wondering what, or WHO, I was going to wear.  So, for the record, I wore Romona Kaveza and loved it.  In fact, if I were getting married again (not to worry hubs), I'd probably pick the same dress or something very similar. 

At the time I was getting married, most of my friends were wearing Vera Wang.  I love Vera Wang and I loved how my friends looked in her designs, but I knew I wanted something different.  Something simple and with very little adornment.  I wanted to look like I was going to a fabulous party...not a wedding.  

Apparently Ms. Kaveza is having a bit of a moment this year.  While usually known for bridal collections, she re-entered the evening wear market a few years ago and has found success dressing a number of stars at last year's Golden Globes.  At her 2012 bridal show, Entertainment Tonight sent a crew to cover her show and rumor has it Hugh Hefner's young (very young) bride will walk down the aisle later this spring in a Romona Kaveza design. 

Think Kate will wear Kaveza this weekend?  (Doubtful - she's a Canadian designer.) Will you tune in to find out?


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous pics. Love the dress. Dying to see what Kate wears, I already have my DVR set :)

  2. Sarah- you look gorgeous!! That dress was simply stunning on you! While all of my friends were choosing similar top name designers, I also went with a Canadian designer on my big day- Adele Wechsler. Check her out- she's an amazing designer!

  3. Oh my, absolutely gorgeous; what an amazing dress you wore! Thanks for sharing such fun pics - and is that Lisa Q.?