Thursday, April 14, 2011

Local Love 5.

I am obsessed with photography.  I think I used to take about 500 pics of The Bug a day, but now that he is a whirling dervish and less interested in being captured on film, I take less.  They usually end up being a blur or of him making a terrible face.  Enter professional photographer, Kevin McBride.   We met through a family friend and I would seriously make him my BFF if he wouldn't find it so odd. 

Last Fall he photographed The Bug's 3rd birthday party and our annual family pictures.  

Welcome to our Home!

Nan, The Bug and Frosty the Pony.

Party on, kids table!

And I am such a fan (psycho) that I referred him to a couple of my girlfriends and THEY used him for their family events as well. 

The gorgeous Lerro family. 

Baby Charlotte not so sure about her cake.

Fabulous Rebecca.

He's a cool dude.  He tries to capture the moment without interfering, prefers using natural light and can get almost every woman I've seen on his film look like ANTM.  (I know you know what this means...)  He also runs his own blog where he shares photos and comments from recent shoots.  This is how I do most of my daily stalking. 

Wonder how much he'd charge to be my own personal paparazzo? 

To contact Kevin, visit or fan him on Facebook.

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