Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tiny (Personalized) Prints.

I know I'm not the first person to obsess over Tiny Prints.  For years, I have been doing our family Christmas cards through them, The Bug's birthday party invites and even his birth announcement.  (As evidenced below.)

I love the giant selection they carry, the ease of personalization and the speed in which my printed cards are delivered.  It's really amazing I've survived the Christmas season without them!

Imagine my delight to discover that you can create one of a kind personalized cards for most any occasion (birthday, anniversary, thank you, etc.) and major holidays.   When I realized I could do this, it was close to Valentine's Day and I thought it would be perfect for The Texan.  I was having a hard time finding something that wasn't terribly cheesy or sentimental.  So, I took a risk and did it. 

The Texan LOVED it!  He was blown away that there was a message PRINTED on the inside and that I had taken the time to put together something so thoughtful.  (Kudos to me!) The outside isn't personalized, but I was able to add my own unique message to the inside and even include a picture if I wanted.  They also mailed it to me for the cost of regular postage.  So my total investment - $1.44 - cheaper than a card I could pick up at Target and MUCH cuter. 

Have you used Tiny Prints before?

PS - this should prove that I actually exist - I have a few doubters since there's not a ton of personal pics on the ole blog.


  1. Sadly, I have not used Tiny Prints. I am terrible about holiday cards so this may be a good excuse to try them. I love using Bold Face Type cards for something a little witty and cheeky.

  2. I love tiny prints, they have done our christmas cards for years and last year they did our new address cards. I have never made a card, i think I will have to give it a try:)