Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sandal Weather.

With all this gorgeous weather we have been having lately, it seems we've moved from Spring flats season directly into get-your-toes-out-for-the-world-to-see sandals weather.  Normally, I don't expose the toes until at least May, but I've been inspired by a ton of cute sandals I've spotted around town lately.  Here are a few of my faves:

Jessica Simpson Guru Sandal.  Yes, I prefer the Jessica who thought tuna was chicken and who kept a messy home, but I gotta tell ya - these shoes are cute.  I've heard lots of good things about her shoe line, but most of them are too towering or too platformy for my taste.  Woven leather, ankle wrap, teeny tiny wedge heel.  These are interesting enough to be special but not so special that you can't wear them every day.  

Belle by Sigerson Morrison.  Listen.  I know you could feed a small family for the price of these shoes ($240).  But it seems the gladiator trend is here to stay.   I like that these don't look complicated to get into and don't have so many straps going on (too many around your ankle makes your legs look shorter ladies). Knowing these are 100% leather (sorry PETA) and made by design darlings Sigerson Morrison, these might just be an investment worth making. 

Steve Madden Groom Sandal.  These are soooooo not a pair I would normally select.  I'm not usually attracted to Madden or blingy sandals.  But I have seen them in person on two random strangers and each time I have felt they were cute enough to compel me ask the wearer "where'd you get those cute shoes" and each time they have told me they are these Steve Maddens.  Odd.  But look how cute?!

Looks like a pedicure will be in my near future....

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