Thursday, April 21, 2011

Local Love 6.

I love a cheeseburger.  Maybe a little too much.  And when I am craving a burger, I head to B.R.G.R. Kitchen + Bar  in Corinth Square. 

I gotta be honest.  I think the name is a little eh - I don't like names you can't figure out.  Is it "burger"?  Is it "B R G R"?  How the heck do you say it?  In my family, we just say "Burger" and it's synonymous with delicious.

Based on the premise of a classic burger finished with grown up toppings, fresh ingredients and great service.  All wrapped in to a cool space offering up an open kitchen and a stocked bar.  (40+ beer choices!)

The Texan loves the Tex-Az (queso, jalapenos and chips on a corn bun) and I like to mix things up with the Knob Hill (Wisconsin Swiss, grilled onions and Russian dressing) or The Pittsburger (American cheese, hot fries and cole slaw).   Add a few delicious sides (sweet potato fries, onion straws, a wedge salad) and you've got yourself an awesome, albeit calorie laden, meal.

They also have a great kids menu featuring all the standard fare, but it actually looks and tastes delicious.  This joint is approved by The Bug, which makes for a very happy family.

This modern burger joint is gooood.  Have you been?

B.R.G.R. Kitchen + Bar is located at 4038 W. 83rd Street in P.V. 

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  1. go to and click on recipes. there is the most awesome recipe for a turkey burger, if you dont like turkey burger I know you could do beef anyway it is Mar Lago Turkey Burger and it is out of this world

  2. Looove BRGR! The Juicy Lucy is my fave! :)