Monday, May 9, 2011


I have a love affair with denim shorts.  I want to wear them.  But we've discussed my short hate and I also think I may be slightly too old to pull of the look I love so much. 

Side note:  I need to dedicate an entire blog post to this blazer because I love it so much.  Saw a similar gray version on BH90210 recently (because yes, I watch it) and it reignited the love.  Must get.

Moving on, I ran across these jorts (jean + shorts) recently and thought they might be just long enough and despite the fact that the model looks 15, just age-appropriate enough for me.

Paige Premium Denim "Silverlake" Stretch Denim Shorts.  Just adorable.  She looks like she's on her way to the cooler at a very fun picnic.  I love jeans so jean shorts just seems to be the next logical step.

Do you own denim cutoffs?

PS - The blazer is by Emerson MadeMelanie loves it too.  It's not terrrrrrribly expensive.  Do I need it??!!

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  1. heeee, yes you do need it!!!!

  2. oh shooorts. Every time I see a commercial or ad with cute shorts I want them and then every time I wear them I feel short and stumpy and so very very pale. sigh.

  3. I think they are cute and the way they are paired in those pics makes them look classy. Thanks to that EmersonMade pic, I've wanted a tuxedo blazer and a pair of chambray shorts. Their website is dangerous to the wallet.