Friday, May 27, 2011

Emerson Made.

Emerson Made is KILLING it for me lately.  (We've discussed the blazer love.) I seriously cannot get enough.  And these sunglasses are the straw that broke this shopper's back.

Inspired by the classic big ole shades worn by stylish 60's ladies, these are a perfect year round pair to have.  I don't have a black pair of sunglasses so  The fact that they are officially called "Big Sunnies" is so perfect too. 

And while I am adding to my cart....

The Little Blouse in Tiny Leopard Print.  I love leopard print and I have yet to own a shirt.  (Scarves and shoes yes, no tops.)

Moto Jacket.  I really can't say much else than I want to fully recreate the below outfit and need this jacket in order to do so.

Red Kimchi Pant.  I actually owned a somewhat similar pair of red pants back in the early 2000's.  LOVED them.  Wore them quite a bit to work and out.  I think I could try that look again.  And I prefer something more menswear inspired than all the colored denim making waves these days.

Get ye fingers over to their website.  There are so, so, so many other goodies (necklaces, clutches, etc.) to obsess over.

PS - how adorbs is Emerson?!  That's her in all the pics.

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