Monday, May 16, 2011

Krazy for Kristen.

I saw Bridesmaids over the weekend and it did not disappoint.  Lots are saying it's the girl equivalent of The Hangover.  It's definitely got the raunch factor, but it's not quite as over the top as say, pulling out your tooth and stealing Tyson's tiger. 

But what got me thinking about this movie is that the hubs commented that Kristen Wiig looks hot.  Huh?  She's hot?  That's not a word that would come to mind for me.  Funny, witty, great impressions is more how I think about her.  But when I started looking back at images from the flick, I think I have to agree.  Check her out...

It's really too bad that she is making a crazy face in most of these pictures, because she really does look great in the movie - her hair, her clothes (dying over that black and white stripe shirt and all the blazers!) and her legs go on for miles and miles.  She's also testing this cool green eyeliner thing in a lot of scenes that works for her.

And while she's looking "hot", I still have to say, I still think hilarious is the best adjective for her. 

(PS - LOVE me some Penelope.)

Have you seen Bridesmaids?

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  1. My friend and I went out Sat to dinner and a movie, we were going to see Something Borrowed but at the last second switched to Bridesmaides. I am so glad we did, it was hilarious!! The character Megan was so funny and I loved the scene where they are dress shopping after Brazilian food.

    I agree I don't know if I would call her "hot" but I too LOVED her black and white shirt