Thursday, May 12, 2011

Local Love 9.

I am not much of a soda person.  I get my caffeine kick from iced tea.  But when I want something bubbly and peppy, my drink of choice is a limeade.  Cherry or otherwise, I love em.  And my favorite one is from Topsy's. 

Topsy's has 12 locations throughout the Kansas City area, but my favorite one is the original - the one on the Plaza (in fact, it's the oldest merchant on the Plaza if you can believe it.) 

I grew up drinking these limeades.  Long before Sonic and their Happy Hour, I was spending my 15 minute break from The Gap (at Metro North, RIP) sucking down a limeade.  Love the bubbly sugary treat. 

One of my favorite reasons for loving the Plaza location is that The Bug loves it too.  We turn in to Topsy's and he knows we're getting a limeade and strolling through the Plaza dropping pennies into the fountains.  It's a great way to spend a hot afternoon. 

Enjoying his first limeade a few years ago.  I even took a picture - it's a serious obsession people.

Do you love limeades?  They are kind of like margaritas without the adult kick.

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  1. great minds think alike...I have a post on limeades for FNS this week :) I am sharing my top 3!