Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's in the bag.

Well, that was a crazy morning.  The Bug and I headed to the mall for some simple indoor fun (playing in the kids area, a ride on the carousel, a browse through the bookstore and a lunch date) and ended up hiding out in the basement of the mall.  Surprisingly, this was not my first time hiding from a tornado in the mall.   Way back in the day I worked at a mall and we'd hide out quite a bit from the Spring storms.

While trapped for 45 minutes, he entertained himself by digging through my bag.  And a post was inspired - "What's in Mommy's Bag?"

As many of you know, I currently carry The Sak's Silverlake Flap bag.  I've had it for a few years now, but it's a great bag - lots of room, keeps your hands free and has held up well. Mine is a great luggage brown color.  (I'm on the hunt for a new bag so let me know if you have any good ones!)

Inside, I keep everything organized with my LV cosmetics case (picked up at a local designer consignment shop) that of course contains my fave lip balm and lip gloss, Bobbi Brown Rose Sugar...

I also have a small pouch that contains coupons, gift cards and business cards.  It's really helped keep my bag free of the small things that were always getting lost or thrown away.

And of course a wallet.  No longer loving my current carry, so I have my eye on something new.  Perhaps this Kate Spade?

Or even better - a monogrammed option from La Plates.  Seriously, the orange is bananas, but I also love classic navy and gold.

Needless to say, The Bug did not find much entertainment in my bag, but at least we were safe!

What's in your bag?


  1. glad you're all ok! This is making me want to go sneak some little toys and treats in my bag just in case we're ever stuck somewhere...

  2. OMG i have never seen those la plates wallets...WOWSA. LOVE them. My birthday wallet is currently in surgery...a bit disappointed in that it is only four months old, but alas maybe a replacement while it is in the shop is in order?!

    glad to know you are safe! i was watching all the tornado coverage...scary!

  3. Thanks for the La Plates wallet love! We LOVE your blog! xo, LA