Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Toddler Tees.

It's pretty rare that I head into Gymboree to shop for The Bug.  I usually find their prints and appliques to be a bit too little boy.  Lots of teddy bears and puppy dogs and "I love my Mommy" stuff going on.  At almost 4 (yikes!), we're a little over that phase.

However, my mom and I ran in the other night when we were having a Ladies Night Out and they had the cutest t-shirts to choose from.  My child has a definite opinion about what he wears and it mostly revolves around what animal or vehicle he is into that week.  He was in luck at Gymboree!

Lots of under the sea creatures...

An orange car.  He actually squealed when I showed him this.  And he's wearing it today.

I also couldn't resist picking up a couple of new pairs of shorts.  While the ones from last summer still fit, he's gotten considerably taller so they a wee bit too short on him right now.  And really, doesn't everyone need a pair of orange shorts?!

And finally, undewear.  Hands down, Gymboree has the best underwear.  It's soft, thick and doesn't fall apart after all the washing they get.  They also make them in an actual 3-year-old size, unlike the Gap who's XS is for 4 year olds. 

And the best part?  (Besides Nan footing some of the bill, of course..), we got out of there for probably $50.  Everything we bought was on sale (not the case online) and then an additional 30% off.  A steal!  And now, we're all set for summer.

Do you shop at Gymboree for your kiddos? 

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