Tuesday, June 28, 2011

London Loot.

So, obviously I am looking forward to doing a little shopping while in London later this week. 

One of the things I will certainly pick up is a Christmas ornament, if I can find one this time of year.  The Texan and I started collecting ornaments when we were first married and it's always fun to decorate the tree and reflect on our fun vacations.  Perhaps a little London Bridge or maybe a mini Will and Kate?

Speaking of, we all love Pippa.  She's quite the style maven.  Her backside is the tush seen 'round the world.  And if there is one thing she has become known for, it's the darn Modalu bag, appropriately named "The Pippa."

Loving this bag, especially the gray.   It would run about $270, which isn't that bad, but not sure I love it that much!

Another spot I'm excited to hit - Zara.  Yeah, yeah, there are stores in the U.S., but not in KC!  So, I'm hoping to snag this white blazer...

And heck, maybe I should pick up Pippa's royal blue blazer while I am there...

Any other souvenirs you suggest?

Monday, June 27, 2011

London Town.

It's an exciting week, folks.  The Texan and I are off to London! 

Looking forward to my first visit to this lovely city and also spending some time with our dear friends that live there. 

I have been packing in my head for weeks now.  I really don't like to over pack, so I am big on taking one piece and making it work several ways.  Because the weather is unpredictable in London right now, I know something I will get lots of mileage out of is my black Cartonnier blazer from Anthropologie.

I picked this up around the Holidays and have been surprised at how often I can toss it on.  I currently have plans to wear with a gray tee and cropped jeans and also with white pants and a striped tank.    Also throwing in a lace tank for evening that this jacket will work with as well.  It's a soft jersey cotton so I think it will be a nice layer to have for the trip.  I usually leave it unbuttoned so it looks less conservative...

I'm also excited about a clean and simple white linen shirt.  Think I'm going to wear this on the plane ride over, toss it on with high rise jeans and a belt for day and then use it as a swim cover-up for the rest of the trip.

And finally, my splurge for the trip are a pair of shoes I have been eyeing forever at Nordstrom. 

The Giveable flat by Stuart Weitzman.  They are quite comfortable and the ribbon detail around the top is soft and cozy against my skin.  My Tory Burch flats are officially uncomfortable and I have been looking for something that wasn't basic black.

It seems I have a black and white theme going here...

Any suggestions for London?

Hope you have a happy week!  I will post a full trip report next week!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Candy Girl.

I am a candy-aholic.  Always have been.  My child is one too.  We have serious negotiations about how many jelly beans he can eat in one day.  (Do you think it could be inherited?!)

In order to spread my love of candy, I have always wanted to open a candy store.  Not like a Mr. Bulky's (anyone, anyone?) but similar to what Dylan Lauren has done in NYC, but in a much more local, vintage, penny-candy kind of way.  I picture moms and their kiddos coming by for a piece of candy after school, grandpas stopping in for a bag of candy for their grand kids, and me noshing.  All. Day. Long.

I have so many favorite candies so it would be very easy to fill a shop with sweets.  But I think if I had to pick just one, I choose Haribo Gummy Bears.  (Those imitation brands don't cut it for me).  The Texan once brought me the world's largest bag of Gummy Bears after he went to Germany on a business trip.  It was insane.  Five pounds I think.  And I ate every single one. 

So, in honor of National Candy Month, I salute you, candy.  Thanks for keeping me running.

What's your favorite candy?

PS - don't go stealin' my candy store idea.  I know where to find you.  :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Local Love 13.

Shaking things up a bit, I decided to let The Bug pick this week's Local Love.  He's a mover and shaker in Toddler Town so I figured he would offer a new perspective to my otherwise adult selections. 

I asked him what was his most favorite thing we have done so far this summer and he shrieked "toy store!!"  And I have to agree.  So, that's why this week's Local Love is The Learning Tree.

It is an amazing mecca of all things toys and my first stop shop for kid presents.  Everything from sidewalk chalk to bikes, we are easily entertained in the store for hours.  I love that I can let The Bug run loose while I chat with the extremely knowledgeable staff about the hot toys for the preschool set.  He can play with the latest and greatest and I can shop in peace, pay and wait for the item to be gift wrapped (for free!!) without worrying about him destroying the joint.  This is THE place to buy toys and gifts for kids in KC. 

With two locations in Kansas City (Corinth Square and Park Place), The Learning Tree has been around for about 15 years.    Each location does a weekly story time and during the summer they host "Make it and Take it" classes which involve a cute art project that you do with your child.   

They've recently launched a blog and one of my favorite features is "Toy of the Week."  If money grew on trees, we'd have all of them. 

Do you love The Learning Tree?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nuts for Coconut.

Just realized I am having a bit of a moment with coconut.

Newly discovered Blue Bell ice cream...(you know how much I love this stuff.)

New flavor of my favorite bubbly water...

Even my hair conditioner...

The marketing world must have decided that coconut was the new IT flavor. 

Anyone else loving coconut recently?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Surprise Baby.

What a weekend!

What was supposed to be a quick trip to St. Louis to see my bestie and her family, lunch with the girls and date night at the Cardinals v. Royals game turned into the surprise arrival of her second baby...sweet little E.M.Y. 

So now comes the task of finding a perfect girl ensemble for this new little lady.  I've always thought that brand new babies should look like, well, babies.  I'm not a fan of trendy clothes for something so new.  I think a soft, cozy onesie is key.  Because of that, I have always loved the Kissy Kissy line of clothes.  The Bug had several onesies that were so, so soft and held up well.

Here are a few of my picks...

Follow Me Footie.

Ladybug print. 

Forget Me Nots dress. 

Really loving that last dress.  It just screams newborn baby girl to me.

Online, I find that Neimans and Saks carry the best selection of Kissy Kissy, but I know you can find it at most nice baby boutiques.

Congrats KMY on your beautiful babe!  XOXO!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Salad.

To me, there is nothing worse than slaving in the kitchen to prepare a meal I am not really interested in eating.  And summer seems to bring out this hatred.  I don't want a hot meal when the weather has kept me sweating all day long. 

So, we've started enjoying more and more salads and light dishes now that the weather has warmed up.  And this one, is quickly become a go-to in my kitchen. 

Grilled Chicken Salad with Chipotle Lime Vinaigrette via Tasty Kitchen.  I somehow stumbled across this site from The Pioneer Woman's site and gave this salad a go.  Grilled chicken, avocado, corn - count me in!  I was a little hesitant about using feta cheese in a Tex Mex themed salad, but turns out, it's quite delicious. 

What meals are in rotation at your house this summer? 

PS - How INSANE is this Milky Way Cake?  I can feel my behind growing larger just reading reading the recipe. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ideal Bookshelf.

There must be something in the water.  I have several friends who are expecting this summer and a couple who just announced that they were expecting.  It's a little nutty that everyone seems to be on Round #2 already!

I recently came across what I think is the most darling baby shower gift ever. 

Ideal Bookshelf.   Created by artist Jane Mount, Ideal Bookshelf is exactly what it sounds like - all of your favorite books created into an amazing ink print.  And the best part - the prints she has already created are super affordable.   About $25.  Then add a frame and you have a really unique gift.  (You can select custom books for a personalized option for about $200.)

The Bug's would definitely have to include some of the Llama Llama series.  He loves that llama that loves/misses/is mad at his mama.  

Not just books for the kiddos either.



Harry Potter Fans...

Cute, right?  I also think this could be a cute wedding gift - his and her prints - for a couple you know really well. 

Can you even think of what books you would include?  I have to say that Bridge to Terabithia is one of my faves.  And Sarah, Plain & Tall.  And She's Come Undone.  And....

Images via. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Go Green.

No joke.  I have had TWO followers put in a request for emerald green dresses.  Huh?  Is this a new trend where guests are asked to wear a certain color to a wedding?   Anyhoo, I've actually run across a couple of great green options and it's a color I love.  Here we go...

BCBG Washed Silk Strapless Dress.  BCBG does dresses very well.  In fact, I have my eye on one for an event I have in a few weeks...more on that soon.   I think this dress could get you through several events.  Just switch up the jewels.  Maybe a big earring one time and a long necklace the next. 

Alice + Olivia Cutout Back Stretch Silk Dress.  A print is a nice option for any event because I don't think you need to add many accessories.  I'd do a metallic shoe and a great earring. 

I love the color on this J. Crew Eyelet Derby Dress.  This could be cute fancied up a bit but also with flips and a hat at the farmer's market.

I love the mix of materials in this Anthropologie Gathering Breeze dress.   Sometimes I'm not a fan of a bustier top because it looks so obvious, but this is very pretty.

Hope this helps readers!  Let us know what you decide.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Local Love 12.

Last weekend, The Texan and I had the chance to check out Story, the new restaurant in The Shops at Prairie Village.  Delicious.  And different than all the other choices PV has to offer.  So, I'm making it my Local Love for this week. 

So the story behind Story is that it's owned and operated by Carl Thorne-Thomsen, who used to be Michael Smith's chef de cuisine back in the day.  Each item on the menu tells a "story" - whether it be a magical foodie combination, the tale behind where the food came from or perhaps the story you will tell after dining.  It's a pretty smart name.   The food feels very fresh and local and is foodie-ish, but extremely approachable. 

First off, the space is really beautiful.  Lots of glass, white and dark woods - very contemporary.  They also have a lovely patio which will be nice for a drinks and apps with the girls. 

While our service was a bit mixed, our food was delicious.  I had the Pacific Halbut (finished with lobster butter...mmmm...) and the man had Rainbow Trout with spinach, mashed potatoes and a lemon-jalepeno vinagrette.   A friend of ours had the Strip Steak, which was supposed to come with Short Rib croquettes, but seemed to come with mashed potato croquettes - still tasty though!

And seeing how much I love donuts, I had to have their dessert donuts.  Salted caramel is always a winner in my book.

I have high hopes for Story - it's a great fine dining option to have just down the street from my house.  It seems to be the place to be seen too judging from the scads of scantily clad Johnson County ladies.  (I am the exception of course!) It's going to give Michael Smith and Bluestem some competition. 

Story is located at 3931 W. 69th Terrace - near the clocktower in the Village.

Have you been yet?

Images via.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rosie Pope.

You can bet that if it's on Bravo, I'm watching it.  Real Housewives, Top Chef, Bethenney, Flipping Out - you get the point.   My latest Bravo love?  Rosie Pope from Pregnant in Heels.

First off, she's adorable.  I can't understand what she's saying half the time (she's British, but it's a weird muddled speech...), but she's a straight shooter and gets crazy NYC ladies (and their clueless hubbies) prepared for the arrival of their baby.

And her maternity wear?  Enough to make me want to be pregnant.  Seriously.  (Settle down, Mom and Mom-in-Law!)

It's a bit pricey and apparently can only be purchased on her website, but so stylish yet comfy looking. 

Anyone own any Rosie Pope?