Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pool Playthings.

The family and I hit the pool for the first time over the long weekend.  And the water seriously (seriously) felt like a big vat of ice cubes.  The Bug even turned mildly blue.  It was not really enjoyable.  But, I know the water will get warmer and it seems like H is really going to enjoy pool time this year. 

I have to be prepared when we trek to the pool.  Attention spans are limited so I always need to have my pool bag filled with water-friendly entertainment.  Here's what I'm loving this season...

M Z Wallace Tea Raffia Grand Tote.   This bag is a dream.  Love the scalloped edge and the fact that is has internal pockets and comes with a small detachable nylon purse.  It's always my major issue with a pool bag - where to store cash, my phone and our pool pass.   Plus, raffia is water resistant - who knew?!

Fish and net.  This provides hours of entertainment at the pool.  Mommy throws the fish, The Bug swims after them and collects them in his net.  I found something similar to this last year at Target and thank goodness we held on to it for another pool season. 

Mini Water Guns.  I really wanted to never own any plaything called a gun, but you can't imagine the joy H gets from spraying me.   We try to say "squirt" and not "shoot" and always aim for the legs, but sometimes he just can't resist a good spray to the face.

Boden Bathers.  We have the star-print pair from last summer and they are still going strong.  In fact, the new pair I bought for this summer have already faded and are beginning to fall apart.  Boden's quality has held up well and The Bug seems to find them more comfortable than his other pair.  We might need to invest in those darling octopus ones though.  (The search continues for a suit for me...sigh.)

Insulated, acrylic tumbler with straw and lid.  Bonus if I can get our monograms added to it.  Seriously a lifesaver though and makes it much easier for us to consume water while soaking in the sun. 

What do you take to the pool?

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  1. That tumbler would also be great for some chilled white wine or a vodka tonic!!! hahahaha!!!!! also love mini boden shorts for the boys - Joe also has some (mens) - best board shorts he's ever owned.

  2. I love the Boden shorts! I will have to look at some for Little Man! And I wish Track & Field sold in the US because I am quite happy with the two suits I got there...and they are much more "american" than usual. :)