Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nuts for Coconut.

Just realized I am having a bit of a moment with coconut.

Newly discovered Blue Bell ice cream...(you know how much I love this stuff.)

New flavor of my favorite bubbly water...

Even my hair conditioner...

The marketing world must have decided that coconut was the new IT flavor. 

Anyone else loving coconut recently?


  1. you know The Hubs is a HUGE coconut fan...big down in Brasil. i tried SO hard to get on board with teh coconut water trend...but alas, I hate it. even the water straight from the freshly cut coconut. can't do it. BUT love the conditioner! LOL

  2. Have you tried the coconut sorbet in the coconut shells from Costco? Completely addicting.

  3. I love ANYTHING coconut, and whole-heartedly second the Costco coconut sorbet in the shell. Y-U-M.