Friday, June 3, 2011

Donut Day.

I love a donut.  I ate 2 donuts of my pregnancy, which helps explain the hefty weight gain I experienced.  So, it should be no surprise that I am super excited to celebrate National Donut Day, which is today, Friday, June 3.

My donut of choice is Dunkin Donuts.  I know, I know.  It's a little chain-y, but having lived in Chicago for so long, DD was King.   And they have actual iced coffee (instead of hot coffee poured over ice.  Big difference people.) 

But when The Texan and I travel to his home state, I'm stopping at Shipley Do-nuts.  (Yes, with a hyphen. Hilarious.)

One of the things I love about these donuts is the way they are packaged.  They come in a long skinny box, about the width of a donut, instead of the traditional rectangle.  They also always seem to be fresh out of the oven.  The glaze actually melts in your mouth.  The problem is that I can't just eat one.   Look how beautiful!

The Texan has fond memories of eating MANY of these do-nuts with his Uncle Adam.  He passed away several years back and we made a special trip to Shipley to pick up a dozen to eat in his honor.  They also make a mean blueberry cake donut, which is a personal fave of mine and can be tricky to find.

On special occasions, The Texan has been known to make homemade donuts using biscuit dough.  Get a can of regular biscuit dough, break the biscuits apart, poke a hole in the middle and fry.  Then shake in a bag with sugar and you have yourself some delicious DIY donuts. 

Celebrate National Donut Day and go get yourself a FREE donut today!  Dunkin Donuts (with purchase of a beverage) and LaMar's (no purchase necessary) for you KC folk are both participating. 

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