Tuesday, June 28, 2011

London Loot.

So, obviously I am looking forward to doing a little shopping while in London later this week. 

One of the things I will certainly pick up is a Christmas ornament, if I can find one this time of year.  The Texan and I started collecting ornaments when we were first married and it's always fun to decorate the tree and reflect on our fun vacations.  Perhaps a little London Bridge or maybe a mini Will and Kate?

Speaking of, we all love Pippa.  She's quite the style maven.  Her backside is the tush seen 'round the world.  And if there is one thing she has become known for, it's the darn Modalu bag, appropriately named "The Pippa."

Loving this bag, especially the gray.   It would run about $270, which isn't that bad, but not sure I love it that much!

Another spot I'm excited to hit - Zara.  Yeah, yeah, there are stores in the U.S., but not in KC!  So, I'm hoping to snag this white blazer...

And heck, maybe I should pick up Pippa's royal blue blazer while I am there...

Any other souvenirs you suggest?


  1. I was just lamenting this morning to my sis the fact that KC doesn't have a Zara - and no online shopping? What up with THAT?!

    I personally like to get foodie souveniers that aren't so easily found here - my favorite tea, PG Tips or Typhoo, or McVitie's digestive biscuits, or something - ANYTHING - from Harrods. Dude, that place ROCKS. Have fun!!!


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