Friday, February 3, 2012

Naughty Gwyneth.

So excited each week when the Goop Newsletter hits my in-box.  (Even if Gwyneth does recommend $450 cleanses.)  I love that it seems she really does write the copy and certainly live the life she waxes poetic over. 

So when yesterday's landed, it brought a behind the scenes peak into her recent Harper's Bazaar feature. 

I like the styling.  Apparently they were going for that strong sexy woman vibe.  It's always fun to see someone who has a clean image turn in to a fashion vixen. 

If this is what you look like after a macrobiotic diet and loads of Tracy Anderson, I'd say it's working.  That body is insane.

Apparently, she is working on a follow up cookbook filled with "really delicious health food."  I'm not sure that exists...but I'm willing to try it!  Let's hope it's filled with recipes that are better than my experience.

Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. she looks amazing in the black dress with the very high slit!!

    I love the toms from yesterday's post. I have the leopard wedges and i am in love with them!!

    Have a "beautiful" weekend

  2. She looks amazing here, omg. Her body is out of control!