Monday, February 20, 2012

Coach Classics.

About 6 months ago, Coach announced that it was going to re-release some of their classic handbags - the designs from the 70's that defined them.  I didn't really think much about it at the time, other than the fact that I think my mom probably had one when I was younger. 

Fast forward to today and I am loving, loving, loving how simple the brand used to be.  A focus on the buttery soft leather, minimal hardware and their signature leather ID tag.  (And none of those annoying C's plastered all over the place.)

Leather Stewardess, $358

Field Bag, $498

City Bag, $278

More styles and colors can be seen here

These actually remind me of the J.W. Hulme bags I blogged about a while back.  Both lines very timeless and fuss-free.  I think the Stewardess bag is my favorite - the black version would just get better over time. 

Do you own a classic coach bag? 


  1. Oh yeah.....I'm loving this news since I have a box of them in the basement. Since you are such a good friend, I'll sell you one on the cheap! Or even better, I might just give you one as my going away present! Could you be looking for a cute little very worn in Coach mini back pack, 80's style? Ha!