Thursday, February 16, 2012

Leather Love.

Sort of having an obsession with getting a leather jacket.  Such a COOL piece to be able to throw on - toughen up a girly outfit or top off your basics.  It has long been on my list of wants, but I have never pulled the trigger. 

Here are two that I can't stop thinking about....

Boden Leather Biker.  I have a waxed cotton jacket similar to this style that I wear all the time, so I know this style in leather would slip effortlessly into my wardrobe.  I am loving that tan color. 

Leith Quilted Leather Racer.  This one is so special - zippers, quilting, two-tone leather.  I have tried this on and the fit is unbelievable.  I just worry that I will grow tired of the more modern feel of this and wish I would have invested in something more classic. 

Which do you prefer?  Do you have a leather jacket?  Any others I should be considering?

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