Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My New Handbag.

I hinted at the Coach Legacy line in yesterday's post and today I can share that I have finally found a new handbag.  Introducing...

Coach Legacy Duffle in Cobalt.  Love her.

And love it even more that my sweet, sweet Mom bought it for me. 

I am a total nerd and have only carried it around the house.  I can't quite reveal her to the outside world yet.  I like to play and organize and make 100% sure that she is a keeper.  The leather is soft, the color is gorgeous and the lines are clean and simple - something that is quite challenging to find these days.

The other two I considered...

Legacy Duffle in Suede Fringe.  I love how it looks when the model is moving.

Legacy Rory Satchel in Carnelian.

I ended up deciding I would grow tired of the fringe (plus it was significantly more expensive) and I didn't like the way the top handles of the Rory Satchel were laying. 

Are you loving the re-released Legacy Line as much as I am? It's so old school to be carrying a Coach again!


  1. I just got a small Coach Satchel for my birthday, from my mom as well! I felt the same way about it being old school! I love your new bag, it is beautiful!

  2. oooh, love it! Especially the color!

  3. Yes, yes, I love the new legacy line. The bags are gorgeous and that cobalt color is hottt! I haven't been in love with Coach bags lately but this has inspired me to reconsider purchasing a coach bag as my next bag. I'm in love with the fringe.

  4. Love the purchase! I too like to spend time with my new handbags before the rest of the world sees. Can't wait to see you carrying!

  5. I guess that proves that Mother knows best! :) The cobalt one is the classiest bag among the three, Sarah. I find the last two bags sexy, though, especially the suede fringe. It's very captivating because of the fringe that sways while you walk.

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